Our Latest Products

Shed Free Soft Chews

Krill Oil Shed Free Soft Chews

No more shedding and itching! Our formula is designed to help reduce inflammation, itchy skin, shedding and encourage new cellular growth. This formula works perfectly in combination with our Joint Formula to help reduce joint pain.

Concentrated Multivitamin For Dogs

Our Natural Multivitamin provides your pet with the inclusive blend of easy-to-feed vital nutrients and minerals lacking from traditional pet-food blends

Stress Fress Calming Chews

Stress-Free Chews ease and relax your dog’s overactive mind to limit signs of anxiety such as excessive drooling, lowered ears, yawning, trembling, hiding, and incontinence.

Itch Free Topical Spray

Our Itch-Free & Anti Scratch topical spray for cats and dogs helps alleviate irritated and itchy skin through a carefully made blend of soothing and moisturizing ingredients that will calm inflamed areas and promote healing.

Philosophy Parallax

Our Philosophy

Being pet lovers ourselves with several adorable cats and dogs within our own family’s we know there shouldn’t be any skimping on quality when it comes to your pets health. Which is why we manufacture and sell the highest quality vitamins, treats and cleansers for your pets keeping them Happy, Healthy and Active. We wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use on our own pets so all our products are made here in the USA to stringent quality control standards.